trans umbilical breast augmentationSaline and silicone fillers are still the most widely-used implants for breast augmentation. Women who are not satisfied with the size or the shape of their breasts may undergo different cosmetic procedures to improve that appearance of their chest area. Different advances in technology have provided ways to create almost invisible incisions for these procedures. Techniques include using smaller incisions than the usual or placing them in strategic places like below the breasts or at the edge of the areolas.

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the country. There are usually four incisions used for breast surgery procedures. The placement and the size of these incisions  depend on the effect that the patients want to achieve. Being one of the most aesthetically conscious countries, patients have been asking for a type of procedure that causes minimal, almost invisible, scarring.

For this reason, doctors have started to dabble with different surgical techniques and have found a way to achieve the effects of a normal breast augmentation surgery minus the unsightly scars that usually come with them.

A trans umbilical breast augmentation procedure uses a c-shaped incision inside your navel to position the breast implants inside your body. Instead of making cuts below the breasts or around the areola, the empty saline implant is guided from your belly button to your chest using an endoscope. When it has reached its designated place, it is filled with sterile saline, depending on the size and shape that you desire.

The TUBA procedure uses a scarless breast augmentation technique that hides the possibly visible scar inside your navel. Two tunnels are used to guide the saline implants to your breasts. Ideally, the tissues surrounding the tunnels will stick to the rest of your body when it heals. When this happens, absolutely no visible tracks will be seen on your abdominal area. On the unfortunate event that the tissues do not properly heal, your surgeon can perform another surgery to smooth out the area and to make the tracks invisible.

Different cosmetic surgeons can easily perform trans umbilical breast augmentation procedures in Dallas and in Texas. Just access your local surgeon database and look for the cosmetic clinic nearest you. Your surgeon can definitely perform this procedure on you, especially if you are a good candidate for it. Be sure to verify your surgeons credentials and certification before undergoing any surgery.

Unfortunately, patients who would rather use silicone implants cannot go through this type of breast augmentation procedure. TUBA cosmetic surgery can only use saline implants and never silicone implants. The implants need to be filled after they are properly positioned in the body. It is impossible to pass silicone implants through the tunnels because they already come pre-filled. Patients who prefer silicone implants to saline implants need to get surgeries that involve more traditional incisions around the breasts.