Marks on abdomen for plastic surgeryTummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that can dramatically improve the appearance of the stomach. Seeing a number of tummy tuck pictures is a good way to learn about the procedure, help choose the physician and determine what types of results you can expect.

Learn About the Procedure

Tummy tuck pictures can help you learn about exactly what is done during plastic surgery. There are a number of tummy tuck photo galleries that have descriptive pictures that you can see to learn how abdominoplasty is performed.

Some of these pictures may also show tummy tuck liposuction procedures that can be performed at the same time. Knowing exactly what happens during a tummy tuck surgery can help you be prepared and even help with the recovery period as you will be educated as to the exact procedure.


Know What to Expect

Examining tummy tuck before and after photos will enable you to see a number of different cosmetic surgery results. Each person is different in what kind of results may be expected. Viewing photos from other tummy tucks can give you a good idea of how much tissue can be removed and how flat your stomach will be.

Tummy tuck pictures can also help you to determine whether you will need a major abdominoplasty or can go with something less invasive such as a mini tummy tuck. You may also be able to see different amounts of scarring and know how long the recovery period will be by looking at photos and reading about the procedure.

Choose Your Surgeon

After you have viewed a number of tummy tuck images, you will know about how the procedure is performed and know what kinds of results can be achieved with plastic surgery. As you have seen all of the results, good and bad – you will be able to view a prospective plastic surgeon’s own photos of tummy tuck before and after pictures to ensure that he or she is well trained at the type of procedure you desire.

There are a number of different ways to perform a tummy tuck depending upon the amount of extra skin and fat that may need to be removed. Whether you need a simple mini tummy tuck or a more extensive abdominoplasty with liposuction or thigh lift, the cosmetic surgeon that you choose should have a number of tummy tuck photos showing results from previous patient’s plastic surgery.