The Ultra Repair, an innovative means of cosmetic treatment, has transformed the way facial rejuvenation is conducted in the aesthetic industry today.

The Ultra Repair has eliminated the usual risks that come with surgical operations, making it safer for those who want to experience an innovative facelift procedure.

Renowned dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick (Rest In Peace) discovered this method by combining procedures like facial fillers and laser skin resurfacing techniques.

The Ultra Repair procedure ensures that patients no longer have to undergo surgery by making use of lasers like YAG lasers, Alexandrite lasers, V Beam Perfecta, and Fraxel repair.

Instead of undergoing surgery to eliminate age spots, wrinkles, skin imperfections, and sun damage, the Ultra Repair facelift procedure uses a safer method: combining various lasers to treat the signs of aging.

Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick has developed the laser facelift procedure to make sure that it will cater to the exact skin conditions that each patient has.

By targeting several areas and problems simultaneously, the Ultra Repair is able to efficiently remove imperfections and problem areas.

However, one has to know that each laser has a specific usage, so that each one should target its particular benefit.

Patients who need to have the veins around their eyes treated would experience the use of an Alexandrite or a YAG laser.

Modifying the collagen content of the dermis tightens the skin, and the Fraxel and Ultra Pulse CO2 lasers are used for this step in the Ultra Repair procedure.

Get rid of the imperfections in your face that make you look older with the use of the V Beam Perfecta laser.

You would first have to get a facial filler so that the operation will not cause any loss of facial volume during the procedure. The use of botox, juvederm and restylane injections, and/or dysport is required to ensure that the collagen content and volume in particular areas of your face are of the proper amount.

Treatment from the Ultra Repair is dependent on the areas that have been damaged by the sun, so you have to inform your doctor beforehand on these specific areas. A difference of $3,000 stands between minor and basic skin rejuvenation to overall skin rejuvenation with The Ultra Repair.

Now you do not have to worry about extending work leaves since the procedure cuts the downtime to almost half compared with other surgical facial operations. It’s easy to get back from the surgery—only seven to ten days and you’ll be feeling good as new.

Patients have to take note of their age when undergoing the treatment because that is one of the factors that allow for easier recovery.

With the Ultra Repair, you do not have to worry about taking too much time off your regular activities because after five days, employed professionals can immediately go back to work.

To see the full results of the treatment, you will have to wait for a few months to almost half a year.